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  • Proceedings of the International Conference on Luminescence held in Leningrad, USSR, August 1972!
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Examples of Bioluminescence

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  • Luminescence of Crystals, Molecules, and Solutions.
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  • Luminescence in Crystals.

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  • Luminescence;
  • References;
  • FDTD Modeling of EM Field inside Microwave Cavities.
  • Recent Journal of Luminescence Articles.

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tribo-luminescence of the quartz and crystal

Millers D. Luminescence of cerium doped YAG nanopowders. CiteScore 0. Home About us Subjects Contacts. Advanced Search Help.

What is Gemstone Luminescence?

Entire Site De Gruyter Online. Sign in Register. English Deutsch. Defect Luminescence of Yag Nanopowders and Crystals. Grigorjeva 1 , D. Smits 1 , D. Millers 1 and S. Zazubovich 3.

Luminescence in Rare Earth Ion‐Doped Oxide Compounds

Open access. Keywords: defects ; Y3Al5O12 ; single crystals ; nanopowders ; luminescence. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences. Impact Factor CiteScore 0. Terms Privacy Share Share.